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Why Eagle Bullion

Thank you for your interest in Eagle Bullion Group. EBG was specifically created for individuals like you who want more diversification within their portfolio with the confidence of a true physical asset.

Having an EBG account allows you the flexibility to not only diversify your portfolio, but to be in control of your investment at all times. Unlike the stock market, bond market and treasuries that are subject to 3rd party decision makers, with your precious metals account, you are the CEO… You decide when to buy and when to sell your precious metals.

Further, in this uncertain economic environment, precious metals are one of the best ways to protect the purchasing power of your dollars. Also, it doesn't take a tremendous amount of precious metals to support your entire portfolio, today we recommend about 15-20% of your portfolio be anchored in physical precious metals.

Our Mission

EBG's business model is second to none! With our one-time management fee, you can buy and sell your precious metals as often as you'd like without incurring additional fees on each trade. This allows you to maximize your potential returns and significantly minimize your potential downside risks.

Our website is designed to properly educate you in the precious metals markets as well as providing you with 100% transparency. As you navigate through our site, we at EBG hope that you will agree that our mission is complete.